The 2016 SMUHA took place on Friday 11th March. Scott Lobban from Dunrossness was the Guizer Jarl and represented Haraldr Harfagri. The Jarl's Squad comprised 42 members, 15 of which were women, along with 6 musicians. The torchboys carried the Bill from the Dunrossness Fire Station to the Toab shop in the early hours, where it remained on display outside the shop throughout the day.

The Jarl's Squad mustered at the Ness Boating Club for breakfast and during the day they visited the Anderson High School ASN Department in Lerwick, Peerie Foxes Nursery in Lerwick, Sound Primary School in Lerwick, Cunningsburgh Primary School, and Sandwick Junior High School, followed by a march through Toab to the Bill at the shop. After departing Toab they headed to the Sumburgh Hotel for the official 'Galley Photos', followed by lunch at the Hotel. After lunch the squad visited the Dunrossness Primary School, followed by the Overtonlea Care Home at Levenwick, with a rest period at Levenwick Hall thereafter until the evening.

The evening muster was at the Southerhouse Road near the Spiggie Hotel with the torchlit procession down to Peerie Spiggie beach. The galley was was burnt floating on the sea off the beach, followed by a firework display. The 25 squads comprising 503 Guizers then dispersed to perform their acts at the Gulberwick Hall, Cunningsburgh Hall, Sandwick Social Club, Bigton Hall and the Ness Boating Club. All the squads performed in all the halls until the early hours. The Bill Head was delivered by torchlight to the Guizer Jarl by some of the Committee & Torchboys and the next 4 Guizer Jarls (each taking a corner of the Bill Head), at the Sandwick Social Club in the early evening of the 12th March, followed by the Hop Night at the Cunningsburgh Hall.

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